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My privileged upbringing

  • A Weird Habit

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    Oct 2

    I started dating my husband back in high school and we have now been married fifteen years. Even though we have been married for this long I am still not used to the weird foot fetish independent Newcastle escort that he has. My husband is always paying for me to get pedicures and afterwards he will massage my feet for hours on end. Instead of staring at my face in awe, it is usually at my feet. Before we started dating he almost scared me away with this, but after a little while I started laughing at him and learned to love what he did. I myself do not really have a weird fetish but I am not against anyone who does, I just wish I understood them. Maybe some day I will come to the bottom of it all, but for now I will keep dealing with it.

  • A Night Alone

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    Jul 29

    Finally a night to myself! This never happens because I am either stuck working at Derby escorts or I have a house full of screaming children as well as my cranky husband. So needless to say I have locked all of my doors and no one will be entering tonight. Well unless it is an emergency. I plan on running a hot bubble bath with multiple scented candles and when I am through I am going to lounge on the couch in my pajamas watching the history channel until my eyes grow to heavy to stay open. Oh and did I mention delivery? I have been craving Chinese food but no one else in my house likes it so I never get this opportunity. I honestly feel like I was just granted a million dollar vacation except for the fact that my night off ends in eleven hours, fifteen minutes and twenty two seconds!

  • Jul 22

    On a recent business trip, the flight was incredibly bumpy. Everyone, passengers and crew, were bounced around like weightless toys on the way to market. It was a disturbing situation, and the woman in the next seat was obviously frightened.

    I didn’t want to see her suffer, so I began talking to her. I offered her my hand to hold, and this seemed to help. The flight was fairly short, but we managed to get in quite a bit of conversation. Both of us were flying for business, and it turned out we would be staying at the same hotel.

    After the flight, we shared a cab to the hotel and checked in. She had apparently paid attention to my room number, and she called me an hour later to suggest the mutual comfort of casual sex in Manchester. This wasn’t my first turbulent plane ride, but it turned out to be the best. Hopefully every future flight I take will end this way.

  • My New Home

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    Jun 4

    Living in Paris has given me the opportunity to experience an entirely different culture and live a life that is full of glamour, history and beauty. I have lived here for almost six months now and am pleased to say that I am very happy with my move and have come a long way with bettering myself. I have made new friends, started school, got a decent job and even got a beautiful two bedroom apartment since I moved here. Out of all the activities I do and places I visit, my favorite place of all time is Leicester escorts. Whenever I am having a down day or a boring one, I can all the agency and have a date by that evening. Being able to go out on a date occasionally helps me to experience the romantic side of Paris as well as the company a man can bring.

  • Mar 22

    I’m sitting here listening to the birds, and I think it is about 6:00 A.M. right now. It has been a long time since I have taken the time to notice the beauty’s of the world and I think I need to do it more often. I ran into a guy last night at the bar that works at Nottingham escorts and he told me his favorite part of the day was this time, because of the quietness of the city. I cannot help but fully agree as of right now. Because I woke up early this morning to catch the quietness, I am now refreshed and more than ready to start my day. I think if everyone was to start their day like this, the world would be filled with less anger and contoversy. The surreal feeling from this simple experience, is enough to motivate me for the day.

  • Mar 21

    My brother is in a band, he lives in California and tours all year long. I went to visit him when he played in his hometown and his performance was truly amazing, he has had several appearance on MTV. I was quite shocked as the night went on all of the woman that were trying to hang all over him, he was completely fine with it.

    At the end of the night we were driving back to his house and he made a discreet phone call to some woman, not his girlfriend. He then instructed me to drop him off at some high class hotel and informed me that he was going to see his gay fuck buddies and not to let his girlfriend know. I dropped him off and was on my way completely shocked and never brought up that conversation with him again.

  • Mar 20

    I had my flat screen television for about eight years and it finally quit working on me. It was well worth is because I paid about two thousand dollars for it, I feel like I got my monies worth out of it. I had been watching the sales on one particular television that I wanted and it finally was five hundred dollars off.

    I got up early on a Saturday morning to rush off and get it before they were gone. When I walked into the appliance store, I was bombarded by a bunch of sales people. The first one that made it up to me was a very attractive blonde with bright blue eyes.

    She helped me with my purchase and even applied her employee discount, saving me even more money. When she gave me my receipt her phone number was written on it, she has been my fuck buddy ever since that day!

  • Mar 19

    Nottingham is a beautiful place to visit. I visited this past summer and had a ball. There were a few difficulties though. My flight got delayed from JFK due to bad weather. When I arrived at Nottingham Airport I was supposed to have a driver pick me up but that didn’t happen due to miscommunication issues. After I caught a cab and went back to the hotel. A nap was much needed even if my flight was very short. I had a very long day of sight seeing to do in the AM. The next day I visited a bunch of places including the Central Library in Nottingham, and caught a play at the Theatre Royal. I even ran into a few escorts in Nottingham in the evening. As I caught a train to London I reflected on my visit to Nottingham and how it surely would be missed.